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The Department of Soil Sciences and Agricultural Chemistry deals with the study of soils, its genesis and classification. It also deals with the management of problematic soils, the response of soils to weather and climate events and anthropogenic activities.


i.To enable the students to identify the nature of parent material of rocks and soils

ii.To know the technical knowhow and identify the nature of various nutrients, their movement and availability to crops

iii.To identify various problematic soils and suggest management practices for such soils

iv.To test the soils for various properties and to decide the suitability of the crops

v.To identify the advancement in soil sciences and adopt modern agricultural practices

vi.To know the conservation of soils including their water for sustainable agriculture

Courses Offered

1) Fundamentals of Soil Science

2) Soil Fertility Management, Manures and Fertilizers

3) Problematic Soils and their Management

4) Principles and Applications of Remote Sensing and GIS in Agriculture

5) Soil Technological Approaches for Land Use Planning and Water Use Management

6) Principles and Applications of Soil and Water Testing

7) Solid Waste Management and Composting


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