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The graduate will be expected of

  • In depth knowledge about agriculture and intellectual breadth : Demonstrated competence in University level knowledge in agriculture and allied sciences along with relevant basic sciences and mathematics for sustainable food, nutritional and livelihoods security
  • Creative thinking & Problem analysis : Ability to use appropriate knowledge and skill sets to provide solutions to field and scientific problems in crop sciences, animal sciences, value addition and marketing.
  • Develop solutions & design systems or processes : Develop solutions for complex agricultural problems and design agro-ecology specific production system components or processes with an ultimate goal of enhanced productivity and profitability
  • Research & Analytical Ability : Ability to analyze critical basic and applied aspects of agriculture including review of literature, design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data, and synthesize the information to provide valid conclusions to intricate problems.
  • Modern tool usage : An ability to create, select, apply, adapt, and extend appropriate techniques, resources, and use of modern scientific tools with an understanding of the associated limitations.
  • Communication & Presentation : Ability to use modern knowledge management tools to bridge the communication gap with farming community and also diffuse agricultural technologies, innovations and information to end users
  • The agricultural graduate and the Society : Apply reasoning and contextual knowledge to assess issues related to society, public health, safety, legalism, and culture along with the consequent responsibilities relevant to the professional agricultural practice
  • Environment and sustainability : Understand the impact of the modern agricultural technologies and solutions in the societal and environmental contexts, and demonstrate the knowledge of, and need for sustainable development and provide ecosystem services
  • Individual and teamwork : Ability to work effectively as a member and leader in teams, preferably in a multi-disciplinary setting
  • Ethics and professional conduct  : Demonstrate a critical understanding of environmental, economic, social and ethical factors production and consumption systems related to plants and animals nationally and Internationally; appreciate diversity and equality; demonstrate ethical behaviors at all situations
  • Agri-prenuership development  : Able to identify opportunities for entrepreneurship development in agriculture and allied sectors in conjunction with other disciplines; plan and develop to independently plan and execute a business idea using necessary skills
  • Lifelong learning : Understand the value of research, industry and stakeholder networks and technological advances for self-reliance, lifelong learning and career progression
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