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1. To enhance the knowledge and awareness of local farmers, an insightful farmer-scientist interaction was organized by final year RAWE students from School of Agricultural Sciences and Technology (SAST) on 01-03-2024 at Thalner Village, Taluka-Shirpur. Dr. Mahesh Chaudhari, Dr. Krishna Chaitanya, Parmeshwar Dudhude and Dr. K. V. Patil delivered a comprehensive talk on reproductive disease management in livestock, insect management, government schemes and training needs, SAST outreach & RAWE programme respectively. Dr. K. V. Patil, RAWE coordinator, Dr Mahesh Chaudhari and Dr. Krishna Chaitanya coordinated this outreach activity.

2. RAWE students of SAST organised Hands on Training Program on Early Detection and Control of Mastitis in Dairy Animals at Gartad, Tajpuri in Shirpur Taluka on 29/02/2024. Dr. Mahesh Chaudhari, imparted training for livestock owners for early detection of mastitis in milking animals and also control of mastitis in dairy animals. This event was carried out at dairy farmers’ doorstep - at livestock farm. Farmers who owned more than 150 cows and buffalo took part in this event. Dr Nitin Misal, Dr Mahesh Chaudhari and Dr. K. V. Patil coordinated this outreach activity.

3. "Hands on Training Program” on Clean Milk Production was organised by RAWE students for dairy farmers at Gartad village in Shirpur Taluka on 29/02/2024. Dr. Mahesh Chaudhari imparted hands-on-training to livestock owners on practices to be followed for clean milk production on farms and also emphasized the critical role of cleanliness in milk production, highlighted its direct impact on both animal health and consumer safety. This event was carried out at dairy farmers’ doorstep - at livestock farm. Farmers who owned more than 150 cows and buffalo took part in this event. Dr Nitin Misal, Dr Mahesh Chaudhari and Dr K V Patil coordinated this outreach activity.

4. The final year B.Sc. (Hons) Agriculture students undergoing RAWE program organized a demonstration program on making vermicompost in Tajpuri Village Shirpur on 24/02/2024. The event aimed to selecting right species of earthworms, their maintenance and detailed procedure on how to prepare the vermicompost on large scale. Vermicompost also could generate additional income as many house-hold gardeners buy it for their home gardens. Both Dr. Rajap Shivakumar and Dr Nitin Misal explained about usefulness of vermicompost in crop production and soil health restoration. Dr Nitin Misal, Dr Mahesh Chaudhari and Dr. K.V. Patil coordinated this outreach activity.

5. On February 15th, 2024 the final year students organised a mixed fruit Jam and Tomato sauce preparation demonstration for the women self-help group to provide in the temple hall at Tajpuri village, Shirpur. Aim was to make them aware of entrepreneurial opportunities from resources available in the village itself like fruits and tomatoes cultivated in the village.

6. As part of the RAWE program, final-year B. Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture students from NMIMS School of Agricultural Sciences and Technology organized a workshop on animal health and snake awareness on 7.2.2024 in Tajpuri. Dr. Kuldeep Bhamare, Livestock Development Officer shared insights on managing common cattle diseases. The 'Snake Friend,' Mr. Yogesh Varude, highlighted various snake species, differentiating between harmless and harmful ones. Under the direction of Dr. K. V. Patil, RAWE coordinator, the event, entitled "पशुस्वास्थ्य आणि सर्प जागरूकता कार्यक्रम", was attended by Sarpanch Hemant Saner, farmers and villagers.

7. During the RAWE programme the final year students conducted soil and water testing of 19 farmers from Tajpuri village in February 2024. And provided the report to the farmers with remarks and recommendations.

8. On February 2nd, 2024 the final year students during their RAWE programme conducted demonstrations on various soil and water conservation methods like Scooping, Ridge and furrow method, C bunding etc.

9. During the RAWE program in Tajpuri village, Shirpur, final year students hosted a farmers' meeting centred on Residue free banana cultivation and export regulations on 27.01.2024 at Zilla Parishad School. Rakesh Rajput, an organic banana farming practitioner and Satish Girase, Sales Manager at Agribond Crop Science Company, discussed sustainable farming practices and export opportunities. The program aimed to provide farmers with vital insights for navigating the agricultural sector, focusing on residue-free banana cultivation techniques, effective post-harvest management, and compliance with quality regulations to enhance market competitiveness.

10. During the RAWE program final year students conducted a Participatory rural appraisal in Tajhpuri Village on 20.01.2024 to understand the village in a better way and identify common problems.

11. Our RAWE students organized an impactful agricultural expert talk in Tardi village on 12 September 2023 to bridge knowledge gaps.

12. RAWE students organized an Expert Talk in Hisale village, Maharashtra on 13 September 2023 as part of Rural Agricultural Work Experience (RAWE).

13. SAST RAWE students organised Farmers workshop on 10.2.2023 in Jatode village, Shirpur Tehsil, of Dhule district in association with Mr. R. D. More, Zonal Agriculture Officer.

14. SVKM’s NMIMS School of Agricultural Sciences and Technology (SAST) organised a Scientist-Farmer Interface at Balde village, Shirpur, On 23rd December 2022.

15. Organized Farmers Meeting in Babhalaj village, Shirpur on 10.09.2022. Dr. K. V. Patil discussed about the training needs with farmers, Dr. Krishna Chaitanya demonstrated about the light and pheromone traps, Dr. Varun Shende and Dr. Rajendragouda Patil gave information about improved varieties. RAWE students actively participated in the event.

16. Organized Farmers Workshop in Tardi village, Shirpur on 3.09.2022. Dr. K. V. Patil discussed about the problems faced by farmers, Dr. Krishna Chaitanya demonstrated on use of insect traps & discussed about the pest management, Dr. Nitin Misal gave a talk on importance of soil testing and Dr. Mohammad Faisal gave brief regarding Disease management and Mushroom production technology. RAWE students involved actively in the programme.

17. Organized farmers meeting in Bhorkheda on 13 August, 2022. Dr. K. V. Patil (RAWE Coordinator) briefed the farmers on the activities to be carried out in the RAWE programme and discussed the farmers' major concerns. followed by Krishna Chaitanya Tirunagaru, gave a brief on Integrated Pest Management to control insect pests in the cotton, maize, and groundnut crops. RAWE students are actively involved in the programme


18. Farmer-Scientist Interactive Workshop at Bablaj village, Shirpur on 10th March, 2022. Dr. Nitin Misal discussed about the issues regarding soil health, Dr. K.V. Patil along with final year students made the farmers to understand the major concerns of village by using PRA technique, Dr. Varun Shende, Dr. Nithin K.N. and Dr. Upasana R are also involved in the programme.

19. Final year RAWE students conducted Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) to understand the problems of the Tardi village. Senior citizens, farmers and other villagers were participated in the program.


20. Final year RAWE students initiated Tree Plantation Programme at Bhorkheda, Babhalaj and Tardi Villages on the occasion of 75th Independence Day.

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