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Shri Amrish Patel

President SVKM and Chancellor SVKM’s NMIMS


Agriculture is my passion and my way of life. Also, agriculture is the backbone of India for safeguarded food-, nutritional- and livelihood security. On one side, I see that the growth of modern agriculture at an astounding pace making India self-sustained in food grain production. But, on the flipside, I also see the pathetic condition of the debt-ridden, resource-poor, and highly vulnerable small and marginal farm holder, even sometimes committing suicides, due to non-reach and practice of this new knowledge to them.

 In this setting, considering the strength of SVKM in imparting meaningful education successfully, the School of Agricultural Sciences & Technology was established in Shirpur in 2019, the prime agricultural belt of Maharashtra with a lot of agricultural diversity and also associated glitches. As water is the prime commodity for successful agriculture, through the concept of "Shirpur Pattern”, astounding groundwater recharge was realized by conserving water from every stream. From this School, I envisage to prepare agricultural graduates for the future food- and nutritional security of the Country. They can also ensure to risk-proof the farming community of this region, help them reap better productivity and profitability from modern agricultural systems to bring back their cheer and pride.

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