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Plant Pathology is a branch of biological sciences which interprets the relation between various plant pathogen and diseases. Plant Pathologist contributes to prevent the crop losses due to diseases by developing Integrated Disease Management Modules and their effects on human health.


Major objectives of the department of the Plant pathology is to diagnose various diseases affecting plants, carry out suitable study to adopt best practices suitable for minimizing its intensity and spread. The department acts as a savior for stabilizing the farmers’ income. It undertakes constant efforts to develop various plant protection techniques mentioned as follows.

  1. To survey, surveillance and diagnosis of major crop diseases and their causative organisms
  2. To Identify causative organisms, their favorable biotic, abiotic factors and etiology
  3. To develop most effective modules and methods for Integrated Disease Management
  4. To develop practices based on cultural methods, amendments and bio-control methods to manage the disease below economic threshold levels
  5. To develop suitable strategies based on botanicals and naturally occurring products to manage diseases occurring at pre-harvest and post-harvest stages to increase shelf life of various farm produce
  6. To develop appropriate disease management techniques to minimize hazardous effect on human health and environment caused due to indiscriminate use of chemicals

Courses Offered

1) Fundamentals of Plant Pathology

2) Principles and Applications of Agricultural Microbiology

3) Diseases of Rabi Crops and their Management

4) Diseases of Kharif Crops and their Management

5) Commercial Mushroom Cultivation


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