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Horticulture is one of the important branches of Agricultural Sciences which encompasses Fruit Science, Vegetable Science, Floriculture, Medicinal and Aromatic Crops, Plantation crops, Spices, Landscaping, Post-Harvest Technology, etc.


i.To make students acquainted with various sub-disciplines of horticulture

ii.To make understand the role of horticulture sector in improving farmers lives as well as Indian economy

iii.To learn about nutritional and health benefits of various crops

iv.To equip students in learning production practices and propagation techniques of commercially important crops

v.To undertake projects on production of commercial crops

vi.To understand and practice commercial propagation practices in different crops

vii.To demonstrate advanced systems of crop cultivation such as, hi-tech horticulture, soil-less cultivation, hydroponics, aeroponics, precision farming & vertical farming

viii.To teach different processing and storage methods to increase the value of the horticultural produce

Courses Offered

1) Fundamentals of Horticulture

2) Production Technology for Vegetables and Spices

3) Production Technology for Ornamental Crops, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

4) Production Technology of Fruits and Plantation Crops

5) Post-Harvest Management and Value Addition of Fruits and Vegetables

6) RAWEP - Horticultural Crop Production

7) Commercial Production of Vegetables

8) Commercial Cultivation of Floricultural Crops

9) Commercial Cultivation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

Admissions Closed 2023

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