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Genetics is a branch of biology that deals with the study of heredity and genetic variation. It also deals with the molecular level of gene function in crop/model plants. Plant breeding is the targeted modification of plant species in order to create desired genotypes and phenotypes useful for the mankind.

The department of Genetics and Plant Breeding is keen to make students to be passionate on means to improve and developing new plant varieties. The ultimate goal is to address food security, climate change and sustainability. By delivering course work in classes, greenhouses, field, and in labs, students will gain experience and research opportunities. We also assist students to be connected with teachers and researchers who are resourceful in their field. These will generate career opportunities in industry or public government/university sectors with collaboration at local, federal and international level. Plant breeders have the unique opportunity to make a better World by improving agriculture.


i.Teaching the basic concepts of genetics and plant breeding to help students to develop their analytical, quantitative and problem-solving skills

ii.To provide insight into structure and functions of chromosomes, chromosome mapping using markers, polyploidy and cytogenetic aspects of crop evolution and how to use biotechnological tools in crop improvement

iii.To develop of superior genotypes with improved yield, nutrient use efficiency, nutritional quality together with tolerance against biotic and abiotic stresses

iv.To establish high throughput phenotyping/genotyping (SSR and SNP marker) platforms to enable breeding new crop cultivars

Courses Offered

1) Fundamentals of Plant Genetics

2) Principles of Plant Breeding

3) Principles and Practices of Genetic Improvement of Kharif Crops

4) Fundamentals and Applications of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

5) Principles and Practices of Genetic Improvement of Rabi Crops

6) Principles of Seed Science and Technology

7) Fundamentals of Plant Biodiversity, Crop Evolution and Plant Genetic Resources (Elective)

8) Developing Hybrids of Field Crops (Elective)

9) Developing Hybrids of Vegetable Crops (Elective)

10) Commercial Hybrid Seed Production of Field Crops (Elective)

11) Commercial Hybrid Seed Production of Vegetable Crops (Elective)

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