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The Department of Environmental Sciences plays a major role in providing awareness to students as well as public on conserving the natural resources with minimal release of pollutants into environment. To educate the modern concepts of ecology of soil and aquatic environments, and biogeochemical cycling. Creating awareness about the evolution mechanism, environmental significance, utilization and conservation of biological diversity.

Objectives of Department

The department is functioning with the following objectives

i.To give an overview to the students on the importance of environment in agriculture

ii.To disseminate the knowledge about the concepts related to agro-ecosystems and their role in Agriculture

iii.To provide information on the Environmental Pollutants and their impacts on agriculture and environments

iv.To impart theoretical and practical knowledge about instrumental techniques used in environmental analysis

v.To impart theoretical knowledge about Environment Impact assessment, Life cycle assessment of agriculture related products and processes, Environmental audit and defining the standards for environmental quality assessment and monitoring

Courses Offered

The courses offered by the department are collaboratively undertaken by the Departments of Plant Physiology, Agronomy and Soil Science.

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