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Course’s USP, Course Outcome & Course Objectives

Course’s USP

i.  The curriculum includes more recent advances
    • Modern & Recent Advances in Agricultural Technologies
    • Environment-friendly & Biodiversity conservative technologies
    • Big data management & Agro-advisory
ii.  Practical and skill-based learning
iii. Industrial Internships as per Career verticals
iv. International Internships v. Placement Assistance

Course Objectives

• Graduates will be systematically taught to enhance their knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis,     evaluation, and communication of various facts and technologies in agriculture evolved since ages
• Graduates will be able to understand and appreciate the diversity in Modern Agriculture and Latest Trends       in farming vis-à-vis the impact of Globalization
• Graduates will be able to demonstrate legal and ethical knowledge of agriculture and environment
• Graduates will be able to demonstrate critical thinking for analyzing situations and selecting viable solutions     to solve problems for farmers
• Graduates will be able to demonstrate a high level of entrepreneurship and leadership skills

Course Outcome

•  Increased employability of agricultural graduates
•  Trained and skilled manpower
•  High level of interface with the industry
•  Knowledge platform with the domestic and international intelligentsia
•  Producing managers & social entrepreneurs
•  Improved crop productivity & farm profitability

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