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BoS / Associates / Partners

1.   Dr. Malavika Dadlani, FNAAS, FISST
2.   Dr. Dilip N. Kulkarni, Jain Irrigation Systems Limited
3.   Dr. Kusumakar Sharma, Ex-ADG, ICAR
4.   Dr. S Baskar Reddy, Syngenta Foundation India
5.   Dr. Sukhpal Singh, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
6.   Dr. G V Ramanjaneyulu, Centre for Sustainable Agriculture
7.   Dr. Rasheed Sulaiman V, Centre for Research on Innovation and Science Policy
8.   Dr. Himanshu Pathak, National Rice Research Institute
9.   Dr. Prithvi Yadav, NMIMS
10. Dr. S Ram Kumar, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Veterinary Education & Research
11. Dr. KP Sudheer, Kerala Agricultural University
12. Dr. A. R. Rao, IASRI

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