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Our Outlook

The SAST gives equal weightage to teaching, research and extension components in the curriculum. The school aims to generate knowledge for efficient management of agricultural production and agribusiness sector by preparing young dynamic graduates and entrepreneurs. We impart high level practical training supported by field-based research through effective linkages between national & international academic institutions as well as organizations and agencies. We have long term plans to offer consultancy to national & international organizations in the field of agriculture and allied sectors for higher production and productivity.

Our Collaborative Projects

SAST is in the process of having collaborations with various educational institutions, research and development organisations, Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), etc. as the part of various projects beneficial to the farmers’ to increase their income and thereby fuel the development of rural parts of the country. The collaboration with various institutes will keep on expanding in the days to come.

Project – 1

Title: Construction a design of Pheromo Light trap


  • Effective to both Diurnal and Nocturnal insect pest
  • Using combination of Pheromone and Light sources to kill the pest
  • To minimize the pollution by insecticides
  • To reduce the farmers investment on pest management

Expected outcomes:

  • Highly effective to Nocturnal insect pest
  • Future plans to use solar energy as light source to this trap
  • Reduce farmers’ investment on pest management as its fetches less cost
  • Eco-friendly and best alternative for insecticides

Project- 2

Title: Processing Dondaicha Chillies for Capsanthin Extraction


  • To establish linkage between farmers and food /cosmetic / pharmaceutical industries
  • To create a new marketing channel
  • To facilitate the farmers in better price realization to their produce

Expected Outcome:

  • Extraction of capsanthin from chillies will create a new market to the farmers from which they can obtain higher returns.
  • The product has excellent export demand
  • More opportunities of income generation would be created via forward and backward linkages of the project

Our MoUs

The school is also having discussions with Universities Abroad to engage in MoUs for students’ exchange programs and research activities.

Admissions Closed 2023

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